We are excited to announce that No. 1 Park Avenue is nearing completion. The former office building at 77-79 Cross Street, Sale, has been renamed and converted into 36 new modern apartments. We have included 5 luxury apartments, in the previously unutilised roof space.

The specifications were designed to a high level, ensuring the expectations of the end user are met. Each apartment boasts granite worktops and integrated Bosch appliances in the kitchen, underfloor heating in every bathroom, as well as Bluetooth speakers and, a video entry system for access to the apartments.

Many people are deterred by the logistics of maximising space. Often, the structure of the building has not been designed to use areas such as roof eaves or dead space in the basement.

In this project we focused on adding living space in the roof.

We overcame many challenges, including:

  • Structural issues in the roof stemming from using traditional timber trusses.
  • Strict planning rules which made it difficult to get the right permissions to implement changes in the roof.


We initially considered removing the roof in its entirety and inserting new light steel or timber structure. But this adds significant costs to the project and would have exposed our entire building to the weather, making it susceptible to water damage and cold weather conditions.

Our Approach to Maximising Space

To ensure the success of the project, our comprehensive design team produced a detailed coordinated strategy to complete these works. They developed cost effective solutions for all clash detection with the existing structure.

Working from inside, we inserted the steel structure. This was engineered without taking the roof off. This process removed the trusses, created more space, and supported the roof.

In order to prevent the roof from spreading, this was undertaken in 16 sequenced stages, inserting the new steel roof and floor structures before moving onto the next section of the roof.

This method of internally inserting the steel structure saved the project significant costs. The new structure is now strong enough to hold the apartments as a result of this innovative methodology. Works were also able to progress on the floors below uninterrupted, and prevented extensive weather damage.